Mortgage Brokers Books

We have another book series scheduled for 2016 for anyone involved in helping people with their mortgages, financial planning, investments etc.  So, if you are a mortgage broker or financial adviser or financier of any kind, you can offer these books to your clients and prospects in order to grow your clientele.  Our book titles will include:

  • “How to Pay Your Mortgage Off 30% Faster”
  • “The Top 50 Wealth Creation Tips for Everyday Kiwis”
  • “Investing 101: How to Teach Your Kids About Money”

Our clients will sell these books in their practice, give them away to prospects and new clients, hand them out or sell them at their seminars, give them to banks to give away to their customers, give them to customers as a reward for referrals etc.

If you are a financial coach or adviser of any kind and you’d like to discuss how these books will build your business, then please contact us today.