What size are the books?

They are 210 mm high and 148.5 mm wide (or nine inches high and five inches wide).  They are 100 to 120 pages long.  The cover and back are 250 gsm card stock (glossy; non-laminated).  These are books, not booklets.  We display a recommended retail price of $29.95 on the back, to demonstrate value.

Where can I sell my books?

You are free to sell your book anywhere, including via your website, from your business premises, or when you are speaking with a prospect one-on-one.  However, you are not able to sell your books on Kindle because Amazon require the books to be original works (not re-produced white-label books).  Neither do we want you selling via a national selling website like Trade Me.  The reason for this is that if all our clients throughout the country did the same thing, the same book would on offer from multiple authors.

Remember, the main purpose of the book is to use it as a marketing tool, rather than to try and live off the sale proceeds.

How similar will my book be to your other clients?

The material for our books have been written by a professional writer who has literary expertise in real estate.  This is the same text we will use for every client we work with.  However, we give your book an individual feel and look by:

  1. Giving your book its own title;
  2. Designing a customised cover, with your photo on it;
  3. Giving you the opportunity (optional) to:
    • ask a friend or colleague to write the “Foreword” page for you;
    • write the “Dedication” or “Why I produced this book” page;
    • supply up to 10 testimonials, including photos if you have them, from satisfied customers. 
      This page is inserted at the end of the book.

What is stopping another real estate agent becoming a client of yours, and thereby creating a similar book in my town?

We will give you the exclusive right to promote, sell and give away your book in your selling territory.  Please ask us what territories are available in your region.

Is this process legal?

Yes, it is called white labelling.  Not many people know that around 50% of fiction books are ghost-written and 80% of non-fiction books (including business books) are ghost-written.  We pay people to do all sorts of jobs for us and we claim the credit for the end result.  Ghost writers do exactly the same for their clients.

How long does the copyright period last for?

You have the same copyright license that I do as the original author.  In New Zealand the Copyright Act protects your work for 50 years.

Can I change the text in the white-label books?

Yes, we are happy for you to tweak the contents if required.  But we don’t want our clients to undertake a total re-write of the book.  Any alterations are to be completed by you and you take all responsibility for writing and proof-reading this extra material.  We have taken a great deal of care to write a book that any real estate consultant would be happy to put their name to.  We have avoided the controversial topics and have handled sensitive real estate issues (e.g. whether auctions are good or bad) in a balanced and fair way. 

What if I prefer to just write my own book?  Can you help me?

Yes, we can help you to write your own book with your own material.  This involves extra cost.  You have two options:

  • You write the material and we help you with the final editing and formatting;
  • We write all the material for you, the same way that a ghost writer does.  This is cheaper than writing it yourself.

What happens if I run out of books – can I order more?

Yes, but the order must be placed through us.  This allows us to monitor the printing and reproduction.  At only $8.00 plus GST per copy, our re-printing costs are very reasonable and probably cheaper than you could negotiate yourself.  You can re-order any quantity you like but the minimum re-order quantity is 25 copies.

Can I sell my books in retail book stores?

Yes, as long as it is a local store only.  As part of the copyright contract that we enter into, we ask that our clients only promote, sell and giveaway their books in their exclusive territory.  You will need to order an ISBN and a unique barcode, which involves an extra cost.  Please be aware that most retail book stores have to approve your book and they will only accept it on a “consignment basis” (sale or return).  So, you will need to supply them with a small number of books, and then top them up as required by the retailer.

How can I use these books to grow my business?

We provide our clients with a range of proven, practical and low or no-cost ways to use books to grow your business; bring in new clients; build your credibility; and generate referrals.  To read a list of uses for Real Estate Consultants, please click here.

Does this concept breach any copyright laws?

No.  We own the copyright for the original material and we give each client written permission (a written, binding license) so that they can use it for their own book in their exclusive territory.  The opportunity we are offering you is 100% legal and is called “white-label publishing”. 

Can I use my own printing company?

No, you must use us for the printing of your original order and all subsequent re-printing orders.  This helps us to control and monitor quality; content; and copyright compliance.  Our re-printing costs are very reasonable and probably cheaper than you could negotiate yourself. 

Could I have the book re-produced in my name and in the name of a colleague?

Yes you can, without any extra cost.  In effect, this will halve the cost of producing your book if you each contribute 50% of the cost.  This option is limited to no more than two co-authors.

How many real estate books can I choose from?

We will provide copyright permission for every real estate book that we’ve produced.  They are all aimed at helping homeowners who are considering selling their homes.  Our books cover the following subjects:

  1. How To Sell Your Home For The Best Possible Price (available now);
  2. The Most Common Real Estate Mistakes Made By Sellers (available now).
  3. Confessions of a Real Estate Agent (currently being written);
  4. How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent (currently being written).

Obviously the final, customised title for your book will differ from the above but it will reflect the topics covered.  You can choose to secure the rights to produce one or more books for your exclusive territory.

Can I order copies in Mandarin?

We are not providing this service at the moment.  If three or more clients want this service, then we will consider ordering a translation, and we will divide the translation costs among those clients.

Could I take one book title for my territory, and a colleague from my real estate office take another book title for the same territory?


What is an ISBN and do I need one?

An ISBN  (International Standard Book Number) is a 13-digit number that is unique to your book and allows distributors, retailers, printers and readers to accurately find and order your title.  You only need to purchase an ISBN if you intend to sell your book in a retail store, plus you will need a barcode.  Remember, as part of our copyright license, you are only able to sell your book in your local area.  It is not essential to have an ISBN and a barcode but we can provide you with both for only $100.

Can you help me to write my own, unique book?

We are not providing this service at the moment.  You could ask a ghost writer to help you.  Visit www.freelancer.com for some options.

Can I contribute to your “Confessions of a Real Estate Agent” book?

Yes.  Please submit them to us in MS Word format.  Your stories should be no more than 300 words.  Once submitted, we have the right to use your story or to refuse it for any reason we see fit.  You can submit more than one story.  You can choose to have your name credited to the story, or not.

How much does it cost?

To write your own book, you will need to invest over 150 hours of your own time just to write the content.  Plus, you need to do the research about how to write and publish a book.  Do you really have that time?  Or you can pay us to do it all for you, so that you can literally spend no more than one or two hours to do your bits and pieces.  We can do all this for only $8.00 per printed book, plus GST.  This is in addition to a one-off loading or set-up fee for your first run of 100 books.