About Us

We are a small but dynamic, forward-thinking, New Zealand-owned company which is based on the North Shore in Auckland.  We are a niche publishing company that focuses on writing and producing specialised business books.  Most of our clients are individual business consultants who require short printing runs (less than 500 copies) from our range of white-labelled products.  Some of our other projects are large runs (10,000 copies or more) for national companies and franchised businesses.

One of our main points of difference is the fact that we can turnaround jobs very quickly.  When a client has decided they would like to become an author, we make that a reality in less than seven days from the date that they give us the few details we need from them e.g. photo; cover choice; colour choice.  Most people take one to two years to become an author.  We elevate them to author status in seven days!

We operate New Zealand-wide.  If we have to hop on a plane to see you, we will do that.  Our sales team are often “on tour”, seeing clients, running seminars and other events and celebrating book launches with our happy clients.

Our Team

One of the best things we have is an awesome team that is loaded with talent and a can-do attitude:

Howie Clare, General Manager/Sales Manager


Howard is well-organised and very strong on follow-through.  If he says he will do it, he does it.  He is a fully-qualified barrister and solicitor, a fully-trained Dale Carnegie trainer/facilitator, a world-class public speaker and a multiple author.  Howard writes a lot of the content for many of our books. 

Mark Peddie, Graphic & Web Designer

Mark Peddie - Exclamationmark AdvertisingMark is a wizard at making designs come to life.  Mark designs all our book covers, illustrates our books and also manages our website and blogs.  He has a flair for keeping his designs clean and professional, but also high-impact.  And best of all, he is really fast and turns around his work quickly. See some of his great web design and graphic design work on his business website.


Les Probert, Business Development Advisor

LesProbertLes is very business-savvy.  He helps us to identify and capitalise on new opportunities within our business.  Many people can come up with good business ideas, but only a few can build a plan to execute those ideas.  Les helps our team, and our clients, to think outside the square and find incredible solutions to help them save time and money and to increase profits. See some of his ideas in action here.