What We Do

We write business books and then re-produce them for individual consultants – with their name and photo on the cover.  We further customise the book by allowing them to write their own introduction and by adding their own testimonials at the back.

This is a form of ghost-writing called “white-label publishing”.  It allows busy consultants to put their name to a book without having to actually write it.  It gives them instant credibility and number one status in their industry.

howie “ Clients tend to do business with people they know, like and trust. Trust and credibility takes time to build, and nothing, nothing, nothing, builds credibility as quickly as writing a book. ”

Howie Clare

Practical Business Uses

The books we write for our consultant clients are designed to be given away or sold to their clients and prospects.  This creates some awesome marketing opportunities for these consultants, which allows them to connect with these prospects in a meaningful way.  We provide our consultant clients with loads of practical ways to use the books to bring in prospects, convert prospects and generate referrals.  View a copy of our e-book “Write a Book and Win More Clients”.


Because we write the books, we own the copyright in the material.  But when we re-produce the book for a particular consultant, we grant them a copyright license to use the book exclusively in their selling territory.  They can’t actively promote their book outside their territory, and no other consultants can promote their books in that territory.  So each consultant is safe, knowing that no other person will be promoting their book (or books, if they invest in more than one) in their selling territory.

Of course, a consultant is free to promote their book on their own website, but they can’t sell it in retail stores throughout the country or sell them on Trade Me or similar global websites (otherwise we could have dozens of consultants selling the same book in direct competition with each other).  It’s designed to be used as a marketing tool in their selling territory only.

Availability of Areas

We use the suburbs as shown on Google Maps.  If you want to know if your selling territory is still available, please email us with your inquiry (you will need to state your selling territory).

We have focused most of our marketing in Auckland so far, but your suburbs may still be available.  If your selling territory is outside Auckland then it is probably still available.